Which 35-54 Year Old Family Lifestyle Describes You Best?

But, during this time people are normally settled in their life and know what is important to them.

These middle-aged parents have the disposable income and educated sensibility to want the best for their children.


30-Somethings Part One: 30-44 Singles and Couples

With the help of our knowledge bank, you can choose for variations in your new neighborhood by:

But to zero in on the best place for you you’ll have to visit and schedule time to explore potential new homes in a region.

Oh, darn!

Lifestyles Segments by Ages

30-Somethings Navigating the Second Adulthood Metamorphosis

Erik Erikson’s Theory identifies the ages of 40-64 as the  second stage of adulthood.

If the average lifespan stretches somewhere between your 80s and 90s, then sometime in the decade between your mid-thirties to mid-40s you come to grips with your mortality.

No more magical thinking.

No more living in denial.

But, during this time people are normally settled in their life and know what is important to them.

35-54 Families

Four Young Accumulators segments are slightly younger and less affluent than their upscale peers, but more affluent than the four (two single and two family) 20-Something lifestyle groups.

You’ll find them in upscale Wealthy Influential suburban neighborhoods and in more affluent Wireless Resort communities.

  • Wealthy Influentials – Two Exurb Society (WIES) and one Portfolio Locals (WIPL)
  • Wireless Resorters – Premier Resorts (WRPR)

We use Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM lifestyle segmentation profiles to evaluate best places for relocation to more authentic, quality-of-life communities.

And, if your community already includes the following profiles, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in your neighbors’ lives.

We know the number of households and income levels for comparison purposes based upon Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM 2011 Statistics:

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 9,262,866
  • Median Household Income : $70,627

Compared to the Accumulated Wealth group, four segments in Young Accumulators are slightly younger and less affluent than their upscale peers. 

Ethnically diverse, these households include an above-average number of Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Adults typically have college educations and work a mix of white-collar managerial and professional jobs. 

Found mostly in suburban and exurban areas, the large families in Young Accumulators have fashioned comfortable, upscale lifestyles in their mid-sized homes.

They favor outdoor sports, kid-friendly technology and adult toys like campers, powerboats and motorcycles. 

Their media tastes lean towards cable networks targeted to children and teenagers.

Where are you likely to these four family lifestyles?

Pacific Northwest Region – Wikitravel

Two in California, one in New Hampshire and one in Washington in the Pacific Northwest region: 


  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Naples, CA
  • Cornish, NH
  • Mukilteo, WA

Which of the following 30-Something, Family Lifestyles  describes you best?

17F2S2, Beltway Boomers, 35-54, Families, Young Accumulators, Suburbs, Affluentials,  WIES Exurb Society, Wealthy Influentials (Santa Cruz, CA)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 1,121,007 (0.96%)
  • Median Household Income: $75,635

Exurb Society (WIES):  “The members of the postwar Baby Boom are all grown up.

Today, these Americans are in their forties and fifties, and one segment of this huge cohort-college educated, upper-middle-class and homeowning- is found in Beltway Boomers. 

 Like many of their peers who married late, these Boomers are still raising children in comfortable suburban subdivisions, and they’re pursuing kid-centered lifestyles. 

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Shopped at BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Bought electronic games
  • Read Scouting Magazine
  • Watched Gravity Games
  • Drove a Saturn Aura”

18F2S2, Kids & Cul-de-Sacs, 35-54, Families, Young Accumulators, Suburbs, Affluentials,  WIES Exurb Society, Wealthy Influentials, (Mukilteo, WA)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 1,872,955 (1.60%)
  • Median Household Income: $71,926

Exurb Society (WIES): “Upscale, suburban, married couples with children-that’s the skinny on Kids & Culde-Sacs, an enviable lifestyle of large families in recently built subdivisions. 

With a high rate of Hispanic and Asian Americans, this segment is a refuge for college-educated, white-collar professionals with administrative jobs and upper-middleclass incomes. 

Their nexus of education, affluence and children translates into large outlays for child-centered products and services.

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Shopped at Disney Store
  • Bought educational toys
  • Read Parenting
  • Watched The Disney Channel
  • Drove a Volkswagen Routan”

20F2T1, Fast-Track Families, 35-54,Families, Young Accumulators, Landed Gentry, WRPR Premier Resorts, Wireless Resorters (Cornish, NH)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 1,861,697 (1.59%)
  • Median Household Income: $74,201

Premier Resorts (WRPR):  “With their upper-middle-class incomes, numerous children and spacious homes, Fast-Track Families are in their prime acquisition years. 

These middle-aged parents have the disposable income and educated sensibility to want the best for their children. 

They buy the latest technology with impunity: new computers, DVD players, home theater systems and video games. 

They take advantage of their rustic locales by camping, boating and fishing. 

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Ordered from buy.com
  • Traveled for business by airplane
  • Read American Hunter
  • Watched Country Music Television
  • Drove a Chevrolet Suburban Flex Fuel”

29F2U1, American Dreams, 35-54,Families, Young Accumulators, Urban Uptown, WIPL Portfolio Locals, Wealthy Influentials (Naples, CA)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 2,451,331 (2.10%)
  • Median Household Income: $55,270

Portfolio Locals (WIPL): American Dreams is a living example of how ethnically diverse the nation has become: more than half the residents are Hispanic, Asian or African-American.

In these multilingual neighborhoods-one in ten speaks a language other than English middle-aged immigrants and their children live in middle-class comfort.

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Shopped at Old Navy
  • Bought motivational tapes
  • Read Black Enterprise
  • Watched TeleFutura
  • Drove a Lexus IS”

Will you find a 100% fit?


These lifestyle descriptions are intended to paint a picture of a new neighborhood you’d enjoy, because you share some of the same traits with current residents.

If you plan to relocate, start visiting communities on your short bucket list.

Don’t have a short list yet?


26) If you know the zip code you can discover the lifestyles living in the community. You can compare your profile with theirs to estimate your degree of fit.

27) Estimate how well suited you are for the resorts. Refer to “Profiles-at-a-Glance” comparing 2008-2009 and 2013-2014 for changes in Life Stages – Singles, Couples, Families, Midlife, Empty Nests, Baby Boomers and Seniors; Ages – 20-29, 25-54, 30-44, 45+ 45-65, 55+ and 65+; and mix of Lifestyles in neighborhoods. Does the resort still offer the age, life stage and lifestyle profiles you prefer?


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