Which 45+ Year Old Lifestyle Describes You Best?

In their bucolic communities noted for their recently built homes on sprawling properties, the families of executives live in six-figure comfort.


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The wealthiest segments in this group are classified Affluent Empty Nests, and they feature upscale couples who are college educated, hold executive and professional positions and are over 45.

With the help of our knowledge bank, you can choose for variations in your new neighborhood by:

But to zero in on the best place for you you’ll have to visit and schedule time to explore potential new homes in a region.

Oh, darn!

Lifestyles Segments by Ages


On the “older side” of the Authenticity Crisis lies the rest of adulthood.

If you chose renewal when you faced your mortality, life opens to an age of mastery.

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If you chose to look the other way and settle than your life feels stale.

Getting used to beginning your second stage of adulthood , you identify less with the kids who were in your high school class.

Or members of your generation’s cohort than you do with other people in your neighborhood.

And more with neighbors and friends dealing with common issues facing families, couples or empty-nesters.

45+ Families and Empty Nest Couples

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The seven segments in their “Mature Years” live in households that have “empty-nested” or are in the process of doing so.

We find them primarily in Wealthy Influential neighborhoods (5 lifestyles) and Wireless Resorter zip codes (2 lifestyles).

  • Wealthy Influentials – Four Affluently Elite (WIAE) and one Digitally Mobiles (WIDM)
  • Wireless Resorters –  Two Premier Resorts (WRPR)

We use Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM lifestyle segmentation profiles to evaluate best places for relocation to more authentic, quality-of-life communities.

And, if your community already includes the following profiles, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in your neighbors’ lives.

We know the number of households and income levels for comparison purposes based upon Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM 2011 Statistics:

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 7,975,015
  • Median Household Income : $89,013

 “While those on the “MTV side” of fifty may debate their inclusion in this group, Americans in the Mature Years tend to be over 45 years old and living in houses that have empty-nested. 

The wealthiest segments in this group are classified Affluent Empty Nests, and they feature upscale couples who are college educated, hold executive and professional positions and are over 45. 

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While their neighborhoods are found across a variety of landscapes—from urban to small-town areas—they all share a propensity for living in large, older homes. 

With their children out of the house, these consumers have plenty of disposable cash to finance active lifestyles rich in travel, cultural events, exercise equipment and business media. 

These folks are also community activists who write politicians, volunteer for environmental groups and vote heavily in elections.”

Where are you likely to these seven over 45 years old family and couple lifestyles? 

Four in California, and one each in Utah, Oregon and Florida

  • Lake Arrowhead, CA
  • Mammoth Lakes, CA
  • Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Seal Beach, CA
  • Alta, UT
  • West Linn, OR
  • Ft. Myers, FL

Which of these seven over 45 years lifestyles  describes you best?

01M1S1, Upper Crust, 45+, Couple, Affluent Empty-Nests, Elite Suburbs, Affluently Elite – WIAE, Wealthy Influentials (Half Moon Bay, CA)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,770,473 (1.52%)
  • Median Household Income: $114,402

Affluently Elite (WIAE):  “The nation’s most exclusive address, Upper Crust is the wealthiest lifestyle in America a haven for empty-nesting couples over 55 years old. 

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 No segment has a higher concentration of residents earning over $100,000 (now $200,000) a year or possessing a postgraduate degree. And none has a more opulent standard of living.

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Shopped at Saks Fifth Ave.
  • Belonged to a country club
  • Read Conde Nast Traveler
  • Watched Golf Channel
  • Drove a Mercedes SL Class”

02F1S1, Blue Blood Estates, 45+ Families, Elite Suburbs, Affluently Elite – WIAE, Wealthy Influentials (West Linn, OR)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,129,199 (0.97%)
  • Median Household Income: $119,314

Affluently Elite  (WIAE):  “Blue Blood Estates is a family portrait of suburban wealth, a place of million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, high-end cars and exclusive private clubs. 

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The nation’s second-wealthiest lifestyle, it is characterized by married couples with children, college degrees, a significant percentage of Asian Americans and six figure incomes earned by business executives, managers and professionals.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Shopped at Thomasville
  • Played tennis
  • Read Architectural Digest
  • Watched video-on-demand
  • Drove an Audi A8″

05F1T1, Country Squires, 45+, Family, Accumulated Wealth, Landed Gentry, WRPR Premier Resorts, Wireless Resorters (Lake Arrowhead, CA)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 2,011,809 (1.72%)
  • Median Household Income: $101,507

Premier Resorts (WRPR): The wealthiest residents in exurban America live in Country Squires, an oasis for affluent Baby Boomers who’ve fled the city for the charms of small-town living.

Country Squires enjoy country club sports like golf, tennis and swimming as well as skiing, boating and biking.

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In their bucolic communities noted for their recently built homes on sprawling properties, the families of executives live in six-figure comfort. 

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Ordered from amazon.com
  • Went snorkeling
  • Read Family Fun
  • Watched pay-per-view movies
  • Drove a GMC Yukon Denali”

06F1S1, Winner’s Circle, 45+, Families, Accumulated Wealth, Elite Suburbs, WIAE Affluently Elite , Wealthy Influentials (Alta, UT)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,283,240 (1.10%)
  • Median Household Income: $105,785

Affluently Elite (WIAE):  Among the wealthy suburban lifestyles, Winner’s Circle is the youngest, a collection of mostly 25- to 34-year-old couples with large families in new-money subdivisions.

Surrounding their homes are the signs of upscale living: recreational parks, golf courses and upscale malls. 

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With a median income of nearly $90,000, Winner’s Circle residents are big spenders who like to travel, ski, go out to eat, shop at clothing boutiques and take in a show.

Lifestyle & Media Traits

  • Shopped at Neiman Marcus
  • Went jogging
  • Read Wall Street Journal
  • Watched Wimbledon Tennis
  • Drove a Mercedes GL Class”

07M1U1, Money & Brains, 45+, Couples, Affluent Empty Nests, Urban Uptown, WIAE Affluently Elite, Wealthy Influentials (Seal Beach, CA)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 2,257,088 (1.93%)
  • Median Household Income: $88,813

Affluently Elite (WIAE): The residents of Money & Brains seem to have it all: high incomes, advanced degrees, and sophisticated tastes to match their credentials. 

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Many of these city dwellers are married couples with few children who live in fashionable homes on small, manicured lots.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Shopped at Nordstrom
  • Contributed to NPR
  • Read Sunday newspaper
  • Watched Ebert & Roeper
  • Drove a Jaguar XJL”

09M1T1, Big Fish Small Pond, 45+, Couples, Affluent Empty Nests, Accumulated Wealth, Landed Gentry WRPR Premier Resorts, Wireless Resorters (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 2,498,189 (2.14%)
  • Median Household Income: $82,470

Premier Resorts (WRPR) “Older, upper-class, college-educated professionals, the members of Big Fish, Small Pond are often among the leading citizens of their small-town communities.

Photo: Visual Hunt

These upscale, empty-nesting couples enjoy the trappings of success, belonging to country clubs, maintaining large investment portfolios and spending freely on computer technology.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Ordered from L.L. Bean
  • Contributed to PBS
  • Read Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
  • Watched The Triple Crown
  • Drove a Cadillac DTS”

10M1C1, Second City Elite, 45+, Couples, Affluent Empty Nests, Second City Society, WIDM Digitally Mobiles, Wealthy Influentials (Ft. Myers, FL)

2011 Statistics

  • US Households: 1,449,265 (1.24%)
  • Median Household Income: $77,612

Digitally Mobiles (WIDM): “There’s money to be found in the nation’s smaller cities, and you’re most likely to find it in Second City Elite.

The residents of these satellite cities tend to be prosperous executives who decorate their ($200,000 not any longer) homes with multiple computers, large screen TV sets and an impressive collection of wines. 

Photo: Visual Hunt

With more than half holding college degrees, Second City Elite residents enjoy cultural activities-from reading books to attending theater to dance productions.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Shopped at Talbots
  • Belonged to a civic club
  • Read Coastal Living
  • Watched Washington Week
  • Drove a Lincoln Town Car Flex Fuel”

Will you find a 100% fit?


These lifestyle descriptions are intended to paint a picture of a new neighborhood you’d enjoy, because you share some of the same traits with current residents.

If you plan to relocate, start visiting communities on your short bucket list.

Don’t have a short list yet?


26) If you know the zip code you can discover the lifestyles living in the community. You can compare your profile with theirs to estimate your degree of fit.

27) Estimate how well suited you are for the resorts. Refer to “Profiles-at-a-Glance” comparing 2008-2009 and 2013-2014 for changes in Life Stages – Singles, Couples, Families, Midlife, Empty Nests, Baby Boomers and Seniors; Ages – 20-29, 25-54, 30-44, 45+ 45-65, 55+ and 65+; and mix of Lifestyles in neighborhoods. Does the resort still offer the age, life stage and lifestyle profiles you prefer?

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