Which Rustic, High Country Eagle Lifestyles Appeal to You?

We identified three Rustic Eagle residential neighborhoods in California, Montana and New Mexico.


Google Maps: Whitefish, MT
Typically, life in this segment is a throwback to an earlier era when farming dominated the American landscape.

With the help of our knowledge bank, you can choose for variations in your new neighborhood by:

But to zero in on the best place for you you’ll have to visit and schedule time to explore potential new homes in a region.

Oh, darn!

Lifestyles Segments: Urban to Rustic Density

Country Communities

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Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM  estimated that country communities represented 39.6% of United States population in 2011.

Town and Rural areas (T) have population density scores under 40.

This category includes exurbs, towns, farming communities, and a wide range of other rural areas.”

Should you include these Birds-of-a Feather (BOF) lifestyles on your Bucket List?

Let’s turn to three High Country Eagle household lifestyles:

High Country Eagle, Rustic Eagles (HCERE) – 20-44 year old Sustaining Families and two 65+ Sustaining Seniors.

We use Claritas / Nielsen PRIZM lifestyle segmentation profiles to evaluate best places for relocation to more authentic, quality-of-life communities.

And, if your community already includes the following profiles, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in your neighbors’ lives.

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 13,401,489
  • Median Household Income : $31,343

“Three of the six segments in Rustic America represent the nation’s most isolated towns and rural villages. 

As a group, T4 residents have relatively modest incomes, low educational levels, aging homes and blue-collar occupations. 

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Many of the residents, a mix of young singles and seniors, are unmarried, and they’ve watched scores of their neighbors migrate to the city.

In their remote communities, these consumers spend their leisure time in such traditional small-town activities as fishing and hunting, attending social activities at the local church and veterans club, enjoying country music and car racing.”

Where in the West will you find those three lifestyles?

Google Maps: Whitefish, MT

We identified three Rustic Eagle residential neighborhoods in California, Montana and New Mexico.


Which of the following lifestyles best describes you?

64F4T4, Bedrock America, 20-44, Families, Sustaining Families, Town and Country, Rustic Living, HCERE Rustic Eagles, High Country Eagles (Palm Springs, CA)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 2,220,781 (1.90%)
  • Median Household  Income: $27,602

In 2011 Claritas described these Rustic Eagle (HCERE) household lifestyles:

Bedrock America consists of young, economically challenged families in small, isolated  towns, located throughout the nation’s heartland. 

With modest educations, sprawling families and blue-collar jobs, many of these residents struggle to make ends meet. 

One quarter live in mobile homes. One in three haven’t finished high school.

Rich in scenery, Bedrock America is a haven for fishing, hunting, hiking and camping.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Ordered from Avon
  • Bought toy cars
  • Read Parents Magazine
  • Watched The Young and the Restless
  • Drove a Dodge Ram Flex Fuel”

57M4T4, Old Milltown, 65+, Sustaining Seniors, Rustic Living, HCERE Rustic Eagles, High Country Eagles ( Taos, NM)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 1,845,943 (1.58%)
  • Median Household Income: $30,608

Rustic Eagles (HCERE):  “America’s once-thriving mining and manufacturing towns have aged-as have the residents in Old Milltowns communities

Today, the majority of residents are retired singles and couples, living on downscale incomes in pre-1960 homes and apartments.

Photo: Visual Hunt

For leisure, they enjoy gardening, sewing, socializing at veterans clubs or eating out at casual restaurants.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Ordered from Home Shopping Network
  • Did needlepoint
  • Read Good Housekeeping
  • Watched As the World Turns
  • Drove a GMC Canyon”

58M4T4, Back Country Folks, 65+Sustaining Seniors, Rustic Living, HCERE Rustic Eagles, High Country Eagles (Whitefish, MT)

2011 Statistics:

  • US Households: 2,658,532 (2.27%)
  • Median Household Income: $32,207

Rustic Eagles (HCERE):  “Strewn among remote farm communities across the nation, Back Country Folks are a long way away from economic paradise.

The residents tend to be poor, over 55 years old and living in older, modest-sized homes and manufactured housing. 

Photo: Visual Hunt

Typically, life in this segment is a throwback to an earlier era when farming dominated the American landscape.

Lifestyle & Media Traits:

  • Ordered from Publishers Clearing House
  • Belonged to church board
  • Read Hunting
  • Watched Soapnet
  • Drove a Ford Ranger”

Will you find a 100% fit?


These lifestyle descriptions are intended to paint a picture of a new neighborhood you’d enjoy, because you share some of the same traits with current residents.

If you plan to relocate, start visiting communities on your short bucket list.

Don’t have a short list yet?


8) Sit down with your spouse, partner or friends and write-up your bucket list of places.

20) Pivot. Maybe the lists of best places don’t appeal to you. Where can you go to make a fresh, new start? Don’t limit your imagination. Think anywhere — across the globe. Where do you really, really want to live, work and play?  Why not live where it’s a vacation all year round?

21)  Spend the time to find the best place to live and invest. It will be worth your while. The great thing about living where others spend their vacation is the year round quality-of-life.

26) If you know the zip code you can discover the lifestyles living in the community. You can compare your profile with theirs to estimate your degree of fit.

27) Estimate how well suited you are for the resorts. Refer to “Profiles-at-a-Glance” comparing 2008-2009 and 2013-2014 for changes in Life Stages – Singles, Couples, Families, Midlife, Empty Nests, Baby Boomers and Seniors; Ages – 20-29, 25-54, 30-44, 45+ 45-65, 55+ and 65+; and mix of Lifestyles in neighborhoods. Does the resort still offer the age, life stage and lifestyle profiles you prefer?

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